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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Does it hurt?

No, it is completely non-invasive and is pain free. The only slight discomfort comes from hearing a high pitched sound in your ears, which is simply the sound of the ultrasound waves resonating in your ears and the ultrasound head can sometimes get a little warm but never unbearably so. Beware, cheaper less effective ultrasound cavitation machines do get very hot and burns are not uncommon.

How long does it take?

Most areas of the body can be treated with 6-8 treatments of 20 minutes each. Treatments should be spaced out over a period of 6-8 weeks.

Do I have to have any special diet before/after treatment?

In order to achieve the best results it’s best to follow a healthy low fat diet before treatment begins and it’s very important to drink lots of water during your entire treatment period. The body continues to expel the liquefied fat cells up to 72 hours after treatment so plenty of water helps speed up this process and vibration plate training is the perfect way to help speed along this process.

How effective is the treatment and when will I see results?

Immediately! That’s the great thing about ultrasound cavitation, it produces immediate results of losses up to 3 inches after only one session of around 20 minutes. This result obviously depends on how much you have to lose and your body mass/size.

Is the fat loss permanent?

Essentially yes it is, although it depends if you keep up your healthy low fat diet and fitness regime.

Why should I not use CaviSculpt throughout the duration of my period?

Simply because it will increase blood flow and therefore potentially be uncomfortable for you.

Can I have CaviSculpt treatment if I have a metal tooth peg implants?

Yes you may but the metal peg may create a vibration from the ultrasound waves so it’s best to start slowly and see if it causes too much vibration.

I have had a blood clot in the past but am now off the medication.

If you are off the medication it is ok to have CaviSculpt treatment. If you are still having medication or your blood clot occurred in the last 6 months, it’s best to refer back to your Doctor first.

I have had cancer but now have the all clear.

If you have the all clear CaviSculpt treatment will be fine. If you are still receiving cancer treatment or have done so within the last 6 months it’s best to refer back to your Doctor.

I currently have cancer and am receiving treatment for it

You cannot have CaviSculpt treatment as it increases the load on the liver as do some cancer treatment drugs so it’s best to refer to a Doctor first.

I have high cholesterol, can I have CaviSculpt treatment?

Yes, no problem.

Can you have CaviSculpt treatment after you’ve had underarm lymph nodes removed?

You can 6 months after treatment if you’re in good health.

I’ve had a baby, can I have CaviSculpt treatment?

Yes, 3 months after the birth.

I have a coil

CaviSculpt is safe to use if you have a coil fitted.

Can I have CaviSculpt treatment if I have HIV?

No. Best to refer to your Doctor.

What is the minimum age to receive CaviSculpt treatment?

18 years old.

What is the best method of reducing cellulite?

CaviSculpt ultrasound cavitation coupled with CaviSculpt radio frequency treatment.

What is the best method of reducing wrinkles?

CaviSculpt radio frequency treatment.

On the CaviSculpt radio frequency head, what is the diode laser part?

The blue light helps kill bacteria like a sterilising, cleansing light. It also improves skin tone and complexion and diminishes skin inflammation.

The red light helps speed up skin healing and is particularly effective for acne.

What is the Lipolysis handset for?

The Lipolysis (1 mgHTZ head with red and blue laser lights) has the effect of lifting the face, tightening skin and reducing double chin effects. It accelerates blood flow thereby improving complexion and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves blood flow and metabolism as the skin temperature is raised by the ultrasound, this cleans and purifies the skin.

I have had my baby by caesarean section. How long do I have to wait until I can have CaviSculpt treatment?

You should wait 6 months until you’re fully healed with no pain. You may wish to consult your Doctor first.

When using CaviSculpt, what is the maximum setting to obtain the quickest results?

The strongest setting is 40HTZ Power Setting 5.

What setting should you start on?

Begin at the lowest setting and increase power until you reach a noise level that you are comfortable with. (Note: The noise you may hear during treatment is simply the sound waves resonating in your ears and is perfectly safe.)

Should I choose the 40/28 HTZ or 40 HTZ Setting?

40 HTZ is the strongest setting and will achieve results more quickly on thick layers of hard skin.

40/28 HTZ is best for skin that contains soft wobbly fat cells. Most effective when used with short pulses of 1-2 secs each.


You will NOT be able to start the treatment before consulting your doctor, if any of the below apply:

• During menstruation (applies only to
treatment of the abdomen)
• Skin infections and diseases
• Acute fever
• Thyroid disease and other hormonal
• Any other chronic diseases
• Heart diseases or pacemakers
• Autoimmune diseases, HIV or AIDS
• Allergy to applied materials (eg
• Severe high blood pressure or
circulation problems
• Cancer
• Asthma
• Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins,
• Hemorrhagic disease, trauma, vascular
• Pregnant or breastfeeding
• Infectious diseases
• Inflammation of the veins, phlebitis
• Intrauterine device avoid abdomen
• Liver or kidney disease
• Wounds, sores
• Treatment with anti-inflammatories,
anticoagulants, antibiotics
• Under 18